Our African succulents nursery is experienced in world-wide delivery since 1983.

Our satisfied customers include collectors, dealers and botanical gardens.

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The online shop will open in April 2015.

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Online shop 2015
1st update begin of April
Agave, Aloe, Haworthia, Othonna, Pelargonium, Sarcocaulon, Tylecodon

2nd update in June
(Wholesale discount is available from 10th June.)
Adenium, Ascleps, Commiphora, Dorstenia, Euphorbia, Ipomoea, Monadenium, Pachypodium etc.

3rd update in August
(last update of the year)
Adenia, Ascleps, Boswellia, Commiphora, Cyphostemma, Euphorbia, Fouquieria, Ipomoea, Pachypodium, Sinningia etc.